360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

Bob (1994? - October 25, 2006

I alwyas called Bob "my old man". He came into rescue and into my house as a foster at the age of 10 and he never left. He was a remarkable dog--bold, opinionated, the alpha, social, and generally a pug of great character. He was my ambassador pug--he LOVED to go places, meet new people and sample their food offerings. I met people in the Pugalug Club because they knew Bob and not the other way around. He made the rounds and was an equal opportunity begger. If you had food, you were okay with Bob. He became my special dog, my guy. We lived a lifetime in the 2.5 years he was with me and my house is very empty without him.

Vaya con Dios, Old Man.

Bob was the first pug that I put up on this website, long before we were a rescue organization. Peachy Pugs and Foster Blanche were not getting any requests to adopt him so I offered to put his story and picture on the website. However, Destiny had a hand to play (never play poker with Destiny) and Bob new (Blanche didn't) he was already at his forever home.

Donations in Bob's name have been coming to us from kind hearted people who honoured the special bond that Blanche and Bob had. Bob would have loved all the attention. As a thank you gesture I am going to post their names and locations here:

Kim Walkem, Brampton, ON
Roxane Fritz, Roxanne Fritz, Sacramento, CA, USA
Tiffany and Susan, Toronto, ON
Diane Purser, Aurora, ON
Larry St. Aubin, Toronto, ON
Cecil, Pip & Ty, Winterly, Cheshire, UK
Jodi Morris, London, ON
Candace McLaren, Toronto, ON
Rona von Stein, Sydney, NSW, AU
Kent Simpson, Toronto, ON
Lisa Krohn, Vermilion, OH, USA
Hilary Dorricot, Bolton, ON
Michael Hamlin, San Fransico, CA, USA
Deborah Folkes, Foxboro, ON
Karl Schlecht, Irvine, CA, USA
Maureen Lorimer, Toronto, ON
Cass and Craig Wright, Mississauga, ON
Frank and Linda Horn, Toronto, ON
Janet Patterson, Derek Lea, Toronto, ON
Mary Quintieri, York, ON
Linda Quigley, Scarborough, ON