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Betty (aka Feia) (1995 - April 20, 2009)

Betty (aka Feia) (1995 - April 20, 2009)

It is with great sadness that we tell you that wee Betty (Feia) left us and crossed the bridge on Monday, April 20, 2009.

She was a very special addition to our family and we loved her with all our hearts. She was strong willed and always managed to get what she wanted. She had a huge wardrobe including handmade sweaters to keep her warm through the cold winter and dresses to wear on special occasions (which also supported Florida Pug Rescue).

Betty slept in the big bed with her wee head on the pillow. Her snore was very quiet. She loved to eat and didn't turn away any treats. She especially loved blueberries, strawberries and apples. She didn't have food allergies like her other fur siblings so she could sneak special food that no one else got.

Betty was an amazing wee soul; she had a good spirit and we could tell that she had been well loved for her entire life.

Betty started having what appeared to be strokes and they came more frequently and more severe. They were very hard on her and she barely had time to recover from one before she had another. She was so proud and so brave. We wish her peace and good health.

Deb, Sandy and Marie

Betty was the oldest pug to come into our rescue. Her sweet, adorable face adorns our home page as our Happy Tails pug link
She is pictured here in her Pugentine outfit, which came from, and helped out, Florida Pug Rescue


Donations in memory of Betty:
Carol and Aiden McKenzie
Blanche Axton
Larry St. Aubin

Betty (aka Feia) is adopted - Nov 1

Feia has fallen into the loving arms of foster folks Debbie and Sandy. You may remember them from Charlie Bear's Happy Tail.

Foster Update - Oct 15

Feia's Health:

Feia has been to the vet and fully checked out. Her heart and lungs are very good. In Addition, my vet did a complete blood profile and her organs are all functioning well. The only issue that he dound with Feia is that she is slightly anemic. My vet thought that she may have Addison's so we had her tested for that as well. I am happy to say that she does not have Addison's. In the future the anemia is something that will need to be watched. At the vet's office they loved her and she was also very cooperative for the tests.

Feia was reported to be deaf but she does hear certain things. She is able to hear my baby crying and cooing and runs to her whenever she hears it. She also can hear the file alarm at my house (apparently my cooking skills are not very good) When I am cooking now she goes to another room until we sit at table.

Feia is also a bit weak in her back end so I have put down carpets around the house and have started to take her for a bit longer walks to try to rebuild some muscle tone. When we take her to the park she loves all other dogs and people that she encounters.

She is still on her prescribed food and medication for the time being. I will be talking with my vet soon to move her off of the food and change her medication to just a glucosamine supplement when she is more settled.

Feia's Personality:

Feia loves to be included in all activities in the house as well as in the yard. She comes with us everywhere. She gets along well with my very elderly dogs as well as my bossy pug Jaden. Feia eats very well and loves to look around the house for any food that my puppies may have dropped or forgotten. We took her to the cottage for Thanksgiving and she was very good in the van. Up until now I have only heard her bark once and her bark sounds like a screaming monkey not like a pug bark at all (we made the mistake of going for groceries without her) Her little ears are very expressive and she moves around non-stop. She is currently curled up in one of the dog beds with Jaden.

She is fitting in here very well and has been a joy to have around.

Introduction - September 22

Feia is a 14 year old fawn pug. Her first night with us was a bit stressful for Princess Feia. She paced a lot of the night and had a small accident in the house. By the next morning however, she was fine. She has obviously been well loved in her life as she has no fear or anyone.

She has adapted very well to my other dogs as well as my 2 small children. She has been following us all around the house and likes to be involved in all of our daily activities. So far she has been an absolute sweetheart and seems to be quite happy. She has been very good also with my senior dogs as well as my bossy pug....she holds her own but is not aggressive in any way.

She went to the vet yesterday and appears to be in good health for a dog of her age. We wil be getting all of the results back by the middle of next week.