360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Betsy - June, 1995 - December, 2010


Little Black Betsy is at the Rainbow Bridge

Our house is much emptier now that Daddy's darling Betsy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, taking our overflowing love and deepest respect with her. Her heart was physically weak but emotionally as strong as steel. It overpowered everyone who met her post-rescue, but no-one more fully than her adoptive Dad, Bryan. Over the last few months when Daddy couldn't be home as much, she shared that love with her adoptive Mommy, following me around the house and at night sleeping all diapered up touching my leg. She was so patient with me when I was giving her the pills and cleaning the cyst on her eyelid. What wonderful memories she created for us -- chasing squirrels to the back fence, challenging the crows and the sound of the neighbour's lawn tractor, "kick-boxing" when she wanted to go out the back door, and giving the softest kisses on the planet with her cute little pink tongue. Every day with Betsy was sweeter than the day before. We will always love you, our little black beauty. It was a privilege to share our lives with you. Like we practised every night, go find "the others" and tell them we will always remember. See you on the other side, pretty girl.

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