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Benjamin - 10 Year Old Male


Adopted by Foster Parents, December 16, 2013

Benjamin has been adopted by his Foster Parents!

Foster Update, November 22, 2013

His limbs may be weaker, but his personality is even stronger. Benjamin never has a bad day and he is always happy! His least favourite time of day is morning, but he knows that breakfast will be served soon so he gets up with the rest of us. Throughout the day, between naps, he plays with his people and his stuffies. He keeps a stuffed bunny in every bed and saves the special, pink one for night time. He still loves wandering around the yard, but the cold weather makes it more difficult for him to get around and he comes inside before he starts to shiver.

One of his favourite times is, of course, meal time. Benjamin has decided that the cat is worthy and now shares his meals with his feline friend.

Benjamin loves spending time with his people and foster siblings. He is content to hang out, go for a car ride or visit friends. He will be going for a check up in the new year and his foster parents will let you know how that goes.

Foster Update, September 6, 2013

Well I am living somewhere where the life is easy, the cookies are crunchy and the crops are plentiful. Would you believe I went from a stray to a farmer. I have my own tomato plants that I check every day. When they turn red, I knock them down and I get to eat them!

I have been back to the vet who said that my legs are a little worse, but I am taking medicine that makes me feel better and I can walk around the back yard and make sure no squirrels are after my tomatoes.

I sleep a lot, but that is okay for a guy my age. I have a special bed that is very comfortable and I snore very loud. I have a big sister who takes care of me and has shown me the ropes. I am happy that it is warm outside because I like to be out as much as I can. I also love car rides. We go to special places like to the park, the vet and visiting friends (everyone likes me).


Foster Update, May 14, 2013

Bittersweet news about Benjamin - When fostering, the goal is to ready your sweet baby for the next stage of their life and hug them closely on their way out the door. It hurts a little piece of your heart, but the next foster is on your front steps before you know it. Benjamin has reach his "next stage." His little body is sore and tired and, in consultation with Pugalug and his vet, it was decided that it would be in Benjamin's best interests if he enters the Pug Abode. Along his journey he has developed some neurological deficiencies that are causing him some discomfort and difficulties. His doctor has devised a plan to keep him comfortable and we have promised to keep him happy and very much loved. Benjamin has bonded deeply with his foster sister, Hannah the English Bulldog, and they keep each other company and comfort each other. Benjamin does have good days when he hunts stuffies and saunters around the yard in the sun. He enjoyed a car ride to the Niagara Pugalug to meet more of "his kind". He has his own cave in "the big bed" where he keeps his favourite blanket and pink bunny. It is an honour and privilege to have him in our home.

Foster Update, February 11, 2013

Benjamin continues to do well in foster care and his medical issues are being monitored. He is happy, smart and, of course, always hungry and NEEDS more food - especially boiled carrots and zucchini!

Foster Update, January 18, 2013

Benjamin here. Just reporting in with an update on how I am doing. It seems like maybe I am a mix of things after all. Part gremlin because that is how I sound when I am wrestling my stuffed bear and part tiger when I pounce and shake my bunny. I am mostly pug though because I scrounge for food, I melt in the rain and I am a push over with my people.

I have discovered the yummy crunch of cucumbers, zucchini and broccoli. I sleep in the big bed every night; they have built me my own fort! I really like my foster dogs and cat. They show me the way things work.

My doctor said that my ear infection cleared up but then I got a slight infection in the other one. My foster parents chase me down with ear meds and cotton balls but I don't really mind - I just like the chase! I also get eye cream every day. Although my neurological woes continue and my little, back legs are a bit wobblier, they still manage to get me where I want to go, even if it isn't in a straight line! I am going to go back to the doctor in a few months for another check up and see how thing are then.


Foster Update, December 8, 2012

I want to give you an update on how I am doing in my foster home. I went for my recheck at the vet. The bad infection in my ear has cleared up but the doctor said that my ear drum has been ruptured at least twice; there is significant scaring. The lump that was removed from my back end was in fact cancerous but the doctor got all of it and even put dissolving stiches in so I wouldn't have to endure the embarrassment of having him remove them when I was awake. The doctor also biopsied two lumps on my chest but they are fine. It is anticipated that I have minor neurological problems which is effecting the way I walk. I can certainly run very fast when I think there is food involved. I have dry eye in one eye and am a very good boy about having my cream put in.

Having said all that, I am strong willed, loving and determined. I have made new friends at my foster home with the dogs and cats. I love car rides and new adventures. I hate the snow and the rain but will eventually do my business outside. I really believe if I stand still and look very cute, the will let me back into the warm house. I have never had an accident inside though.

At night I sleep in the big bed with my foster mom and the cat, Reggie. I have lots of stuffies and I love to play. I can stand up on the kitchen cupboards and almost get the food off of the counter but I am not supposed to do that because I am learning if I sit nicely, I do get treats. I love vegetables; zucchini, broccoli and cooked carrots are among my favourite but I will eat anything.

I have to go back to the vet and have another check up and get my vaccinations up to date. I don't mind that because he is nice to me. I will send you another update soon!!


Introduction, November 1, 2012

It seems that the catch phrase this year is "do over" and that is what this little guy plans on doing. With the generosity of a local animal shelter who offered him kindness and his initial medical care, Benjamin began his journey. The shelter contacted Pugalug who immediately scooped him (who could resist) and put him in his foster home.

Meet Benjamin - a "maybe" ten year old neutered male "spitfire". Since walking through the door of his foster home he has had the attitude that "this will do nicely". He knows what he wants and has several ways of making sure he gets it. He mutters, chatters, barks, stamps his feet and sometimes just looks at you with his big brown eyes (oh ... he is good!!)

Benjamin is a very easy going wee guy who settled in quickly. He loves to play with little stuffies, insists on sleeping in the big bed in his pillow cave, and gets along with everyone; resident dogs, cats and everyone he meets.

Benjamin needed medical attention immediately upon arrival. He had surgery booked within a week. He has had a lump removed from his back end and sent away for testing, another lump fine-needle biopsied, 7 teeth removed and his very infected ears cleaned and the bacteria sent away for testing. He also has dry eye which is being treated with ointment twice a day which he doesn't mind at all. His heart is strong and his lungs are clear. We hope for the best and ask that you send him lots of good thoughts too. The surgery, however, has not slowed Benjamin down.

Benjamin is a gem of a pug; an older gentleman who deserves nothing more than good health and to be loved dearly.

Benjamin   Benjamin