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BEASLEY - To the Bridge, March 12, 2008

Yesterday afternoon (March 12) I got a call at work from my family, that Beasely had passed away in his sleep. He died in my bed while snoozing with Cinder and Boston, at least he wasn't alone. I had noticed him failing during the last week, he kept getting smaller and smaller, and was sleeping most of the time. We just celebrated his gotcha day this past Saturday March 9th.

Dagmar from Peachy Pugs Rescue brought him to our home and into our life 5 years ago, it seemed like we had him forever. He came to us as a senior, but we did our best to give him a few golden years. We spoiled him, and loved him to pieces - Rescues and seniors are so very special.

Even at the end he crossed the Bridge himself gracefully, I hope he found Zoey, and his Pugalug buddies there waiting for him. He has left another hole in our heart having just lost Zoey three months ago.

Beasely (my sweet, smelly old man) we love you and miss you forever.................. Hilary, Wally, Wesley, Ashley, Boston, Cinder, and Tonka