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Baxter - 5 Year Old Male

Baxter  Baxter

Happy Tails, May 14, 2013

Baxter is doing well. He's made himself quite at home, as you can tell by the photos. Baxter's favourite spot is the chair you see him sitting in - where he can take note of all the action happening outside!

Baxter has been enjoying his long walks on the beach and hanging out with his new brother. He loves wrapping himself up in blankets and you'll often find him snoozing away underneath the covers.

Overall, Baxter is a happy puppy and he's become quite the mentor to his brother! He's taught our little pug/french bulldog to yodel!



Baxter the gentleman is ready for his new home. He went to his last vet visit and received a clean bill of health. He is a fantastic buddy, and a dog that loves to play and to just hang out with his people. He does great in a home with other animals (he currently resides with other dogs, and a hamster), and would do best in a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time as he thrives on company. He loves going on walks and meeting new people and dogs.

There was a report from his previous people that he suffers from anxiety. In our home we have not had that experience with Baxter, but we think it is because he always has other dogs at home with him. He has also, for the most part, always had people at home with him.

Baxter needs to be in a fenced yard or on a leash at all times while he is outdoors. The only character flaw that Baxter has is that he is a runner. He does eventually come back but he will not allow you to catch him and finds it to be great fun while you try to capture him. Within minutes of giving up the chase though, he gets offended and comes home.

Baxter does not show any food aggression and loves to be able to roam freely within a home environment.

We have not crated Baxter in our home but we have a crate in the house. There are occasions when Baxter wants some quiet time and he will go into the crate.

Baxter is a very smart boy and has learned quite a few new tricks while in our home. His best trick is his ability to poop into the toilet (we didn't teach that one though).

He is a fantastic buddy, gentle and appropriate with people of all ages and in my opinion would make a fantastic addition to the right home. He is quietly dignified and loves his people to the ends of the earth.


Foster Update, January 15, 2013

Baxter had a fantastic Christmas and really enjoyed his time in the great white north. He really enjoyed meeting my mom's big black dogs and got to play all day long with them. He also wore his thundershirt for the holidays and really enjoyed that as well.

I am attaching some pictures of Baxter in his favourite spots in the house. He loves to lie under the blankets on the big bed as well as sleeping in a freshly dried and folded pile of laundry in the laundry basket.

He continues to be a very loving boy who is absolutely fantastic with my small kids and other small dogs. He is a very majestic and noble boy who behaves like a real gentleman around the house.

He has been to the vet and has been microchipped and had his teeth examined. The last thing that he has to have done is to have his fecal testing completed and then he will be ready to go.

The only flaw in Baxter's character is that he is a runner. Whoever adopts Baxter would have to ensure that he never get the opportunity to get out of the house unattended. He loves to run and to stay just out of arms reach. He does however come back within a few minutes.



Introduction, November 30, 2012

Baxter is a 5 year old, fawn coloured Puggle. He came to Pugalug from a shelter where he was surrendered after his previous owners could no longer keep him. He's a big boy, weighing in at 35lbs but his weight is right where it should be and he is in overall good health with up-to-date vaccinations. He has fit right in with his geriatric crew of foster brothers and loves to play with both them and any new dogs that he meets. He also likes his foster hamster, although he does seem to be a bit afraid of it. He is also bit shy of new people, but once he realizes that they are friendly and won't hurt him, he settles right down and moves in for a cuddle. He does love children and enjoys sleeping with his older human foster sister at night. He enjoys walks, although his leash manners leave something to be desired, but he's working on that and is starting to calm down after an initial bit of pulling when the walks starts out. Although his love of his foster people is evident, he does well at home during the work day and with the exception of a few initial accidents, he is housebroken. Overall he's a great boy and is just looking for the right family to give him his forever home.