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Audra - (??? - May 13, 2012)
Audra is at the Rainbow Bridge

Baby Girl Audra (??? - May 13, 2012)

Hugh and Kathy's Baby Girl, Audra, died peacefully in her sleep at on Sunday morning at approximately 12 years old. She had been suffering with lung disease but about two weeks ago the cough changed from dry to wet and she couldn't stop coughing and gagging. The vet took x rays and said it was possible she had a touch of pneumonia. After two weeks of antibiotics and other drugs, they thought she had it beat because much of the coughing stopped through the day and she was coughing only in the morning after the mucus build-up over night. On Friday night she started coughing again. The vet put her on a much stronger antibiotic and after her first dose Saturday night, she had a reasonable evening and ate a good supper. She started coughing and gagging again at about 12.30 a.m. Hugh walked about with her in his arms holding her upright and it seemed to help. He put her in the bathroom with a steamer going but this time it didn't seem to help. Anytime she lay down, she would cough up a storm so she just wanted to sit up. He sat with her and comforted her as best he could but she was exhausted and finding it difficult to breath. He gave her more ventolin but it didn't help. At about 4.30 he gave her the same tranquilizer that their other pug takes before he goes for nail clipping. It seemed to help because 15 minutes later she was sleeping comfortably. At about 7.15, they found her in the bathroom not breathing but still warm. She was in the classic pug pose lying on her tummy with her head between her front paws and her back legs stretched out. How things can change in a few days.

Audra was a puppymill breeder survivor who was dumped and found in a field by a farmer. She was blind (eyeless) and following the sound of his tractor. The farmer turned her over to a shelter where euthanasia is the norm. A rescue organization rescued her from the shelter and eventually she made her way to the loving arms of Hugh and Kathy who took her in 5 years ago and taught her what love was all about. She lived the life of a princess in their care and they will miss her terribly.

Sail on, sweet Baby Girl and go find Minnie to run and play with. You will be loved always.

Audra has a change of plans - July 18

Audra had been adopted by a wonderful companion, Marilyn. However, an unforseen medical condition meant Marilyn could not give Audra the care she needed.

Marilyn lived in Cambridge. Fortunately, Hugh, a pugalug volunteer and adopter of Minnie, was able to take Audra into foster care.

Well, Minnie, Hugh, Kathy and Jimmy the Cat all found Audra to be the wonderful pug she is and decided to adopt her. Hugh sent us some photos of Minnie and Audra - puppymill sister-pugs-in-paws, working out the pillow arrangments. Audra is destined for a very special life.

"Minnie, get off my pillow!!"

"We can share it!!"

"Oh alright then!!"

"This sharing idea is quite cozy!!"

A very special pug needs your love and care

Audra is going to need a home with someone who is willing to work with her. She's a lot better at following voices then she was but will need a patient home willing to work on that. Also walking alone is still an issue but she does walk well with another beside her.

Ideally I'd love to find her a home that someone is there with her during the day. Audra doesn't do well in a crate. She can go as an only or with an older mellow companion that doesn't expect her to play.

She is fully house broken, I just put her out and she goes. She will need to also be kept on a grainfree diet. Her skin issues and scratching have completly disappeared on the Evo and the fur has grown back on her leg. She won't eat raw dispite trying and trying, that's a first for me most gobble that right up. She has a whole 5 teeth left and doesn't know what to do with bones. She does enjoy Wellness Pure Reward treats of any flavour.

Foster Update, June 3

Her vet check came back with a thumbs up. Nothing major with her. Chest and lungs are good, heartworm negative also. They gave her 10 days of antibiotics for the nasal discharge and the vet feels it's just stress related. Otherwise she's pretty healthy. Her teeth are in good shape. She weighs in at 13.7 pounds.

Foster Update, June 1

Audra has found her voice, she barks when Jed gets going although she looks at the wall and barks. She's getting more adventurous too, exploring around the house. She's joined in with the crew sitting in the kitchen when I'm cooking, didn't take her long to figure that one out. She's eating great, I switched her from the prescription food to Barking at the Moon and she loves it.

Haven't seen any adverse reactions and stopped all Benedryl. There's been no scratching at all and her ears are clean. I may take her for heartworm testing and get her some heartworm meds too. She has had regular heartworm testing, the last one was last year. I'll hold off on that until after Woofstock. I don't see many teeth in that mouth. Haven't got a good look but there are maybe 3 in the front and I'm not sure how many are left in the back. It's hard to get around that tongue to get a real good look.

Audra finds a nice comfy pillow - Gertie

Foster Update, May 27

Yesterday we worked on the deck stairs. She goes down them now, she knows that they don't drop off into no where. We made them wide enough for the blind ones and not too tall. Going up is a piece of cake for her. She's exploring more and more and eating great for me. She sniffs me out and wants to be lifted to sit on my knee or beside me. She full of kisses with that big long tongue.

We've had no accidents at all, she does her business when I put her out. It takes her quite a while to eat, she's sloooow. Makes Gertie look like a hoover!! I can't wait to see what the next few days bring when she's really settled and relaxed.

Foster Update, May 26

Audra slept in the big bed last night. She went out this morning and did her business, ate breakfast and is busy taking a tour of her indoor surroundings. She found the water bowls on her own. What a sweetheart she is. Her little tail wags so fast when you talk to her. We had a little cuddle time on the couch last night before going to bed. Today we will be working on the deck steps.

Introduction, May, 25

Baby has been given a new name to start her new life. Audra - means Noble Strength.

Audra is a tiny little girl who has come a long way from the first time she came into rescue. She was dumped and found in a field by a farmer. She was blind (eyeless) and was following the sound of his tractor. The farmer turned her over to a shelter where euthanasia is the norm.

Thank goodness someone rescued her and gave her Prairie Pugs Rescue where she was adopted. Unfortuantely, her new adoptive couple split up and Baby came back into rescue. We have arranged to bring Baby into our care and find her the loving, caring that she surely deserves.

Audra is a puppmill breeder survivor

Pusgley gives Audra the customary greeting

Percy and Audra sharing the bed