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Amos: 2001 - October 26, 2008

I got a call April 21, 2006 from the Pug Rescue Network in Detroit. They told me of a black male pug in Northern Michigan who needed rescuing. They were at capacity and could not take him. He was currently owned by an unlicensed kennel operator. He had spent the entire winter outside because he was marking in the house. His location was about 30 miles south of Sault Ste. Marie.

Volunteers on both sides of the border worked over the next 3 weeks to get little Amos to Toronto. After 4 months in foster care, getting his health back and behavioural training on track, Amos was adopted by a loving couple. For the next 2 years Amos, Suzanne and Evalyn developed a canine/human bond that is so rare in this busy world of ours.

On Sunday, October 26, 2008 he became lethargic and was rushed to the VEC. The diagnosis was his immune system was attacking his red blood cells. He did not have much time to live. Suzanne and Evalyn made the painful decision to have him euthanized rather than suffer any longer.

Amos experienced first hand both sides of human nature - the cruelty of indifference, in the end, did not stifle this little guy's love.

The last 2 years of his life was spent giving joy and nurturing his human companions.


Amos - Adopted, September 4, 2006

Amos has gone to very caring, first time pug owners. They went out this summer and bought an air conditioner in preparation of adopting a pug. Amos willingly gave them each kisses (something he does not do often) so he knew pug karma was happening. It's been a long and winding road for our Northern Michigan boy. Thanks Suzanne and Evalyn for giving him safe haven.

Amos - Foster Update August 24th

Amos went in for his neutering and the surgery was successful. He did have 2 front teeth removed as they were very loose and would have soon come out. He will be coming home Friday to recuperate and snuggle with his foster sister Wednesday.

Amos - Foster Update August 8th

Amos has been dutifully taking his worming medication and is now all clear for that condition. Next were his blood and fecal tests. His blood count is back to normal and his fecal is clear. He will spend the next little while putting on some weight and then going in for his neutering.

Amos - Foster Update June 22nd

His bloodwork is back as well as the fecal. He has both hook & whip worms. I have to go pick up more medication for him tomorrow as well as some for mine because of the whip worms. Apparently they are harder to get rid of.

He is a bit anemic which they said could be caused by the worms. His protein counts are also a little irregular. His albumin is low. It's 24 and should be 31 while the globulin is high. It's 60 and should be 39. Also he has low thyroid but not low enough to real cause any concern at this time. They want to wait 3 weeks and give him another dose of the lopatol (the worm medication he got yesterday).

They advised waiting for his neuter and dental for at least 3 weeks and want to do another blood test before to check his counts. They don't want to do any surgery on him with a low immune system. Poor wee guy. I can't seem to catch a break. I thought he was pretty healthy and just needed to gain weight.

Amos - Foster Update June 21st

Amos had his vet checkup today. He got the heartworm test and heartworm meds, distemper/parvo shot as well. He is pretty much in good health but a bit on the thin side which I knew. He weighs 7 kgs even. His right eye has some pigment but is otherwise okay. It is a bit cloudy but it has always been that way. He sees fine and the pupil dilates the way it should. I won't have the results of the blood work probably until the beginning of next week. I took his fecal sample and I do have pills to de-worm him. Not surprised there either. His teeth are in good shape from what we could see but are very, very tartar covered so he will need a dental cleaning.

He charmed everyone there but took a real liking to Bonnie the vet tech. Sat real nice for her and looked at her with his little sad eyes. She did have treats though and he followed her everywhere after that. He did his little flatten out on the examining table but I expected that. His next appointment will be for neutering and dental work. This will come to about $800.

On another note, he is becoming more of a pug each day. He has finally taken interest in toys (see pic) I felt like a mother watching her child take the first few steps. Amos also initiated play with Jed. He has mastered "Sit" and now regularly responds to "Come".

Amos does a nose dive into the toy box

Amos - Foster Update June 12th

Although Amos has come a long, long way he still has quite a way to go. He is less fearful of human contact but still cowers and runs at quick movements. He no longer thinks that a harness is the enemy and does enjoy his walks now. At first he had no clue and it was pretty much just a short jaunt with lots of coaxing and almost dragging.

He is fine with mellow laid back dogs but is very afraid of young energetic ones and will drop to the ground and shake. I have not had him neutered yet as he still needed time to settle and I didn't want to traumatize him any more than he was. He is very, very laid back and has not yet learned what toys are for. He is quite happy to just sit back and watch but I think he is still afraid to join in.

He is eating well and lets me know that I'm taking too long getting the food ready and will woo woo his opinion. He is still on the thin side also but I'm hoping after the neuter this will change as will his wanting to mark. He has made great strides in the marking department but still has work to do in that area. He has never pooped in the house though. At first he would run to the safety of a crate but is doing that less and less now. All in all Amos is a work in progress and I won't rush him into anything he's not ready for. I will keep him here until he lets me know he's ready.

Amos - Foster Update May 12th

Amos is one sweet one now that he's learning to trust. He's enjoying belly rubs and last night finally slept in the big bed. He went to the door to let me know he wanted out, so someone did take the time to train him. He is now excited for his food and waits with the rest. Before he'd run off by himself and I'd have to coax him to come and eat. Amos no longer drops to the ground when I go to pick him up. His dew claw that was cracked has fallen off thank goodness. He managed to get the vet wrap off 3 times!!! He's now the first to run to the door now to go back inside and has claimed a spot on the couch. He's settling in nicely.

Amos - Introduction, May 7th

Well Amos has travelled quite a distance to be with us; all the way from Northern Michigan. And it has been through the generosity of both American and Canadian transport volunteers that Amos is here to find his forever home. Many thanks to:
Lisa, Laurel, Heather, Mim, Jo-Anne, Bryon, Cheryl and Hilary for their efforts.

His history is sketchy but he is 5 years old, 20 lbs, and has spent most of his life outdoors or in a puppymill kennel. The person who called Pug Rescue Network to surrender him had had Amos for about 6 months. When she first got him he was timid, shy and unsocialized with both humans and dogs. During that time he become more friendly with the other dogs. However, because he was outside with little human contact, he remained shy of people. He did develop a chest cold and eye infection during the winter but has regained his health.

All the transport volunteers report that he is a cute little guy who is timid to come out of his crate. But once he does he shows a tremendous amount of affection.

Amos will soon be going for his vet medical checkup and we'll get an update on his health. Given that we don't know much about his background, Amos will be going through a careful assessment both medically and behaviourally, before we can determine the type of adopter would most be suited for Amos.