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Alice - 7 year old female



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Alice is a morning person, and as such is up at 6 am on the dot every morning. You could actually set your watch to her. She has apparently figured this is as early as she can get one of us to feed her. She is exceedingly cheerful in the morning and it's quite funny to watch my two look at her as if she is crazed, then roll over and go back to sleep.

Alice has lost 5 teeth. She should continue with regular dental hygiene (I have been using a clothed finger to clean her teeth- she's not sure how to take the toothbrush but you may have better luck).

She has also had a few lumps and bumps removed. Nothing serious thankfully but her adopter should keep an eye out for those.

Alice is a fun and very easy going dog around the house. Out on walks by herself she is quite easy as well. We have had some issues with her barking at strangers and other dogs when she is with her foster siblings.

We have made some progress with her and we take her to the off-leash every day- where she has a great time chasing the other dogs. The barking is a work in progress.

A crate was essential for leaving Alice on her own during her transition here and I would highly recommend that - or gating just for the first while.

She is not crated here since her bladder stone surgery and all has been well. She really is feeling a lot better. She has lost weight and continues to be the most cheerful little bouncy girl. We are really going to miss her.

Foster Update, May 28, 2010

Alice has had 5 teeth, a few skin growths , subcutaneous lumps and bladder stones removed and needs to have her urine retested before she will be ready for her forever home. Despite having had a lot going on she has been a cheerful and bossy little trooper through it all.

Her royal highness will hopefully be ready to interview potential new palaces in late June.


Foster Update, May 5, 2010

Alice is now up to date with vaccinations and has an appointment next week to remove a lump and have that tested and the same time she will have a dental cleaning and a manicure .. there's good news for Alice too. Her urine came back perfect this time. She loves walks and her earlier tendency to get a bit barky on the lead has improved alot. Her comfort level both at home with visitors and at the off-leash area is great, now that she is becoming aware that people are friendly and other dogs are not all that scary and can be quite fun to chase and play tug with. I think she just needs continued structure and schedule in her daily routine in her forever home. She is SO happy when she knows what comes next...(especially if that happens to be a food reward or a walk) Her belly is a bit less "fluffy" since she has dropped a couple of pounds. That said, her new family should continue to measure her portions diligently and offer less fattening treats (she loves everything...celery, lettuce, spinach, etc... and of course apples and carrots are the ultimate) I thought my boy was the most food motivated dog ever, but alice takes the cake! (and I am sure she would if you let her) Having said that...she is perfectly well mannered if you are eating and knows to go sit by her bowl to receive her treats. She is absolutely adorable and will make someone very happy when she reaches her forever home.



Foster Update, April 14, 2010

Alice is a smiling happy little pug with very short little legs and an uncanny resemblance to a seal pup. Honestly, she is so cute I have to laugh at her at least a few times a day. It took about a week but Alice has settled in beautifully. She is very sweet, affectionate and can be very much in your face (she is only too happy to give you a face wash if you let her). Her funny little walk is quite endearing. Surprisingly, being so vertically challenged does not prevent her from running pretty fast to fetch a toy and jumping up on the sofa. I keep checking for springs!

She has had her first wellness check up at the vet. Her blood tests indicated she is in perfect health, although the urinalysis showed a moderate level of calcium oxylate (crystals ) so we are trying a lower protein food for a few weeks and then we'll retest her levels. That, and the stress of new surroundings explains the accidents she was having the first week here.

Since I gave her her own bed and crate, she hasn't had one accident. She loves to cuddle up in there..and even shares it with the resident pugs.. who sometimes come in and sit on her head or squeeze in for a cuddle. She goes in there when I am out and sleeps in there at night. She is very quiet at home, but tends to bark at strangers and some dogs on walks. Our daily trips to the dog park (which she absolutely loves) seem to be helping to diminish this behaviour.

After her urine is tested again and , we will begin to get her back up to date on vaccines, schedule a dental cleaning and at that point we will be ready to look at applications.

Alice would be fine as an only dog or a pug sibling.

alice alice

Introduction, March 27, 2010

Alice has arrived and has had a fun first day. We have been to the park, played chase, and met the local dogs and were out for lots of walks around the neighborhood (she is very good on leash). We went to the store and bought her some new food and toys and some freeze dried chicken treats that she can manage easier than hard cookies. She eats very slowly (very unlike the vacuum-pugs that live here) Alice gets along well with her foster siblings. Next week she will see the vet. She needs some dental work and to get up to date on vaccines.