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Aiden - Male


Happy Tails

Aiden convinced his foster mum that she needed him to stay and look after her shoes. She agreed happily! Aiden has been doing wonderfully, fur is all grown in and he no longer itches. He is a beautiful boy and we're so lucky to have him. I know Scarlett and Teddy agree because I often will find them all cuddled up together! Since Aiden is so much younger than Teddy and Scarlett he seems to be making them younger with his excitement when they play outside. Aiden loves car rides and walks, and hates carrots. It's a shame pictures don't have sound, in the picture below he's whining because we're about to leave for a walk, he has a very distinctive whine! Aiden loves spending time with this grandparents and has learned how to get treats just for being cute!


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Foster Update, August 19, 2010

Aiden has been doing great. His fur is getting to be pretty evenly growing in and he doesn't scratch much at all. He'll be done his second round of antibiotics at the end of the month. He'll also be having surgery next week to be neutered. Aiden continues to have a shoe fetish, though I taught him not to bring the shoes onto the momma bed but to leave them by his doggie bed for when I'm not home. Still full of energy, he was a very good boy during my family reunion at a cottage. He tried out swimming with a life jacket and was less than impressed, but he did like the boat rides a lot. He was a little afraid when we got to the cottage (new place) but after a couple days was sleeping through the night just like at home. He showed some separation anxiety for those days just like when I first got him. He seems to adjust well given some time, and lots of cuddles.

Foster Update, July 15, 2010

Aiden has been doing great. For the first few days he didn't want to leave my side but now he's going with the flow. He likes to play in the back yard, though I think he's mostly looking for a way to escape! He's a very smart boy. Aiden no longer cries when I leave the house, instead he comforts himself with my stuff (in the picture he is laying on a pair of my shorts and has brought a shoe from the rack). When I get home from work I find him sleeping amid several pairs of shoes that he's dragged into the kitchen and placed just so. He's very vocal and will say hello when I get home with a toy in his mouth. Aiden loves attention and will paw at you until you pet him. Though it's sweet he doesn't realize his strength and I have quite a few marks from his paws, I'm working on making him more gentle when he wants pets. Treats are a different matter though, he is so gentle taking a treat that he often drops it.

Aiden's itching is much improved. Though his coat seems to be slow growing, it does appear to be starting to fill in. He's scheduled for a recheck and his second vaccination next week. His neuter is booked for late August so if all goes well this boy should be ready to go for sometime in September.

Note: No shoes or shorts have been harmed, Aiden only surrounds himself, he doesn't chew anything but his toys. And yes, I have big feet!


Introduction, July 1, 2010

I welcomed this sweet fawn pug who was found as a stray on Sunday. He is very active, curious, and gentle with my pugs and people. He looks rough for wear, he was shaved and missing an eye when he arrived. He's been very itchy but hopefully with a no grain diet he'll be better soon. He has seen the vet and though he has damage to his remaining eye, his vision is good. He is quite healthy, all tests have come back normal. He needs to be fixed but I'd like to get his skin under control first.