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Adrian - 3 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, July 4, 2012

Adrian has been with us for 2 Weeks! Before his arrival, we had his new name picked out and ready to go. But once he got here, nobody could think of him as anything but Adrian - so he is, and will always be Adrian. A mouthful for sure, BUT he does come when you call which is new for us, as our other Pug walks the other way when we call!

Adrian has been settling in very well. He has a very kind heart and loves being loved. He especially has taken to the kids. One of his favourite times of day is when it is time for the girls to get up. He sits in front of their doors patiently waiting for me to open it. He then jumps up on the beds and kisses their faces and rolls around. The girls giggle and the more they giggle the more excited he gets! It truly is a great way to start our days!

Adrian has been spending his days by the pool learning how to swim (without sinking), chasing the birds and squirrels and hanging out with all his new people. He gets along well with Smudge the Pug and loves to go for walks with her. He is fascinated with the tv and goes bananas when dogs or cats come on the screen. He is very smart and learns things very quickly.

We were very lucky to get this darling boy. When he looks at me with those big eyes of his and all his wrinkles, I know he is happy, just about as happy as I am to have to him in our lives. Thank you PugaLug!!



Adrian is three years old and has a typical activity level for his age. He enjoys going for walks, fetching toys, chewing bones, and spending time with other dogs.

Adrian is a very friendly pug. He often sits at our feet, and he will tap us with his paw when he wants to be petted. He always greets us, very enthusiastically, and he loves receiving attention from children. In addition, Adrian gets along fantastically with our pugs. He plays well with them, and he loves to groom them. He will cuddle with our Gertie for hours, sharing the same dog bed. Adrian has always been very submissive with our pugs, but he will try to stand up for himself, in the dog park, if he feels threatened by another dog. He will also sometimes become anxious and pull on his leash if he sees another dog. However, he has improved considerably and simply needs continued training and close supervision.

Adrian is completely house trained and can be left alone for a regular workday without any problems whatsoever. He is well behaved and understands basic commands. He usually listens well, but he has a bit of a stubborn streak. He strongly dislikes having his ears, nose fold, and paws cleaned, and he will sometimes bark at the back door or at the television. As a result, he needs an owner who will consistently apply rules and use positive reinforcement to encourage him to listen and calm down.

Adrian seems nervous, when one of us leaves the house, and will whine or pace from time to time. However, this may simply be rehoming stress. As he has settled into our home and become accustomed to our routines, he has become increasingly calmer. We've also found that leaving a crate out for him to retreat to, when he's agitated, has really helped.

The vet has said that Adrian seems fit and healthy. However, he does require an annual check of his thyroid levels. His tests have shown that there is a chance that he is developing thyroiditis. If he does develop it, this condition is generally easily managed with medication and should not affect his quality of life at all.

Adrian would thrive in a home with another small dog. He has always lived with other pugs. Although it's not required, it would also be great if he could have a fenced backyard. He loves to explore and run around in ours. Overall, Adrian is a sweet natured and fun little dog, and we'll sure he'll bring a lot of joy to his new family.


Foster Update, April 16, 2012

Although Adrian has really settled in over the past few weeks, he continues to inch his way toward adoption. As the pictures I have taken of him have shown, he is a really fun little dog. There is little question that he's going to be a great dog for whoever decides to adopt him.

Adrian was neutered last week and just had his recheck. Everything went smoothly. He is already pretty much recovered and acting like himself. He still needs to have his thyroid rechecked in a few weeks. If everything looks normal on his blood work, he will be ready to adopt at that point.




Foster Update, March 25, 2012

Adrian had his second trip to the vet last Friday. He is now fully up to date on his shots. Adrian has a slight ear infection which should clear up in a week or two with medication. At his first visit to the vet, his blood work showed that he has an overactive thyroid. His thyroid will have to be rechecked in about a month. Adrian will be neutered in three weeks. If all goes well, he should be ready for his forever home in a little over a month.

Introduction, March 5, 2012

Adrian had been with us for about a week now, and he is a really great dog. He is a three year old male, fawn pug. As you can see, he is one handsome devil. He is a pretty good dog model, too. (If you want to see more of Adrian, you can find additional pictures of him at www.matthewjosephphotography.ca/adrian.)

Adrian isn't just another pretty face, though. He has a great personality to match. He is a typical cuddly Velcro pug. He loves to cuddle at our feet and on the couch, and he follows us from room to room. Adrian has had some rehoming anxiety, which is very common, but he's now starting to relax and to gain some independence.

Adrian would do well in a home with another dog. He has been fine with any dogs we've met on the street, and he gets along very well with our pugs. Even Gertie, who ignores most dogs, loves to play with him. We've also been surprised to see our pugs snuggling with him when they're napping - which is something they rarely allow other dogs to do.

Adrian needs a little more training and vet care before he will be ready to adopt. He needs to learn to listen a little better, and he pulls a bit when on a fixed leash; however, he's already improving. He also appears to be completely housetrained. Once Adrian gets the rest of his vaccinations and is neutered, he will be ready for his new home. We figure he should be ready to go in a couple of months.