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Pugalug Club Pug Rescue Application Form


WE ONLY ADOPT TO ONTARIO.   We are not a national pug rescue group. If you are not in Ontario, do not submit an application. Instead go to www.pugcanada.com and fill out a rescue application with them as they are a national organization.

You MUST have or be willing to get some form of air conditioning for your home. There must be some place in the home that is air conditioned for the health of the pug.

If you have a pool or pond or other water feature, it must be fenced off so that the dog cannot get into in. Pugs drown rapidly, most are poor swimmers and are not always terribly water smart.

We do not allow our dogs to be tied out or staked out in the yard. Tie outs and staking can result in serious injury and death to a dog.

Pugs are one of the most commonly stolen breeds of dog. Sadly, they are often used as bait in dog fighting. We require that you supervise your pug at all times when they are out of the house.

Pugs are not outdoor dogs and cannot survive living in a dog house or other out building - including the garage. We require that our dogs live within the house with the family.

If you reside in a house, we much prefer that you have a fully fenced backyard. This is not a requirement for adoption, but is certainly the better option. If your yard is not fully fenced, the dog must be on leash at all times when outside of the house. Invisible fences and other collar activated straining devices are not acceptable.

If you live in an apartment or condo, your must provide proof that the landlord or management allows you to have a dog.

If you are gone from the home for longer than 8 hours, you will likely need to make arrangements for someone to come home to let the dog(s) out. Pugs are a small breed and should not be expected to hold their bladders or bowels for longer than 8 hours. Some can do it, but most can't and shouldn't be expected to.

Pugs are notorious for food allergies. The rescue will require that you feed a high quality food that is, at minimum, wheat, corn and soy free. Our preference is for a grain free food

If you currently have animals in the house (cats and/or dogs) they must be spayed or neutered unless there is a verifiable medical reason why they are not or cannot be.

Please be sure to check your local by-laws regarding the total number of pets you can legally have in your home and only apply if you are below that limit.

If you are not chosen your application will be saved for a few months. Information on how to reapply without re-doing the application will be sent with a confirmation that your application has been received. If you don't receive a confirmation within a day or two check your spam/junk folder to make sure that a response did not end up there.

Personal Information
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Are you expecting a child or planning a family?
If you are expecting a child or planning a family, when?
Does your or your spouse's job require frequent out of town travel?
Are you or your spouse subject to relocation?
Have you applied to any other rescue(s)?
If yes - which ones?

Family Information

How many children are living at home?

Names and ages of all children included above:

Besides your immediate family, are there others residing in your home?

Names of other residents and their relationship to you:

Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?  

Does anyone in your home have asthma?  

Home Information

Do you rent or own?  

If renting, please provide the name and phone number of your landlord:

Please describe your type of dwelling:  

How long have you lived at your current address?  

If less than 2 years, please provide your previous address:

Does your home have a yard?  

Do you have air conditioning (Central, window unit or portable)?  

Would you be willing to get A/C if you don't currently have it?  

Does fencing completely enclose the yard for your dog?  

If the yard is not fenced, please explain where and how you will allow the dog to exercise and relieve itself?

If the yard is fenced, please describe what kind of fence.  

How tall?  

Can the gate be locked?  

Do or have you ever used tie outs, stakes or clothes line for your dogs while outside?  

Are your dogs ever outside unsupervised?  

Do you have a dog door?  

Can the dog door be locked?  

Do your dogs live in the house or outside/in a kennel run/garage or outbuilding?  

Can strangers gain access to your yard from the street?  

Do you have a pool?  

Is the pool area completely enclosed or fenced (specifically the pool area, not the yard itself)?  

If applicable, what kind of fencing/other enclosure is around the pool and how high is it?

Other Pet Information

Do you have other pets at this time?  

If Yes, are they spayed or neutered?  

If not, explain why they are intact?  

Are they currently on Heartworm preventative?  

Please describe your pets in detail?  

What pet food are you feeding your pet(s)?  

Placement Information

Have you ever owned a Pug before?  

Have you owned other dogs in your adult life?  

If you have owned other dogs, please provide details

What role would you like your Pug to play in your life?

If other, please specify:

Why adopt a Pug?

Are you willing to take a pug mix?  

What do you think is the annual cost of owning a dog (including food, vet costs, grooming, etc)?

If your dog needed $2,000 worth of vet care, possible on an emergency basis, what would you do?

Please describe where the dog will stay when you are at home

Please describe where the dog will stay when/if you are at work?

Please describe where the dog will stay when you are on vacation?

Please describe where the dog will sleep at night?

How many hours a day will the dog be alone?

Do you plan to use a crate -- why or why not?

What kind of solutions would you be willing to try if housebreaking accidents occur?

Have you ever rehomed, surrendered to a shelter or a rescue any of your animals?

Under what conditions, would you rehome or surrender a dog? (aggression, peeing in the house, family is moving, etc.)

Have you ever euthanised (put to sleep) an animal for non-medical reasons?

If Yes, please explain the circumstances under which you had an animal euthanised

What type of personality are you looking for in a dog

What type of training have you done with previous dogs and with what school or trainer?

Do you intend to take your new dog to obedience classes?

What type of activity level do you feel would best suit your home and lifestyle?
Couch Potato
Moderately Active
Highly Active

If other, please specify:


Please provide us with your current Veterinarian information




Would you be willing to allow us access to vet information?

Please list 3 references not related to you, including their phone numbers and any other pertinent contact information.


Additional comments?



Additional Information

Do you have a gender preference?    Age preference?

Do you understand that often times the complete history of a rescue pug may not be known and you may encounter some initial adjustment problems? Yes No

Will you be willing to work with us on solving those problems if they occurred?
Yes     No, I would need to return the dog

If 'yes' please describe a reasonable timeframe within which you feel the dog should have acclimated:

Which dog are you applying for?

If you were referred by anyone, please tell us so we may thank them:

Please give us any other information that may help us make the best match between you and your new pug: